R consultors, high quality solutions adapted to all types of companies and organizations

Our philosophy



Factors such as globalisation and the introduction of new management strategies through new technologies mean that competitiveness through operation strategies and adjusted costs is necessary, but insufficient for success. In R consultors we are experts in finding the key differentiating factors to obtain an optimal competitiveness, in accordance with the needs of each client.


Value creation

Creating added value is an essential factor for a successful project. In R consultors we work as a team with the client and create synergies to multiply the opportunities in all our business areas: marketing, advertising, design, communication, image and events.



As specialized consultants, we suggest high conceptual quality solutions to any type of organizations, in order to allow our clients to promote their development and reinforce their market position.



We know that only well-founded and realistic solutions are effective. Therefore, we carry out our work in a holistic manner, including strategic and operational planning, implementation monitoring and a study of the outcomes, through a system based on reliable indicators.

Our Team

Thanks to our clients trust, the R consultors team has evolved over the years, bringing together a group of experts of all ages and backgrounds, with a solid experience in all the different work areas. We have also created synergies with other companies and experts, both national and international, all of which are specialists in fields of activity that are complementary to our own, in order to satisfy the demands and needs of our clients in the widest possible way.

Our mission, as well as our reputation, is to offer a personalized service adapted to the needs of each client, as for R consultors each client is unique and different.